Bari Airport Train
Bari Airport Train
Bari Airport Train
Bari Airport Train

Bari Airport Train

The train to and from Bari Airport is quick and low priced. A new train line from Bari Airport to Bari Centrale Station was opened in 2013, and the line, known as the FM2 Line (also known as the FR2 Line) allows you to travel between the two destinations in a short amount of time.

Forty-one trains run between Bari Airport and Bari Centrale Station during the week. A further 33 trains operate during the weekends. Trains start at the airport at 5:26 a.m. and run every 20 to 30 minutes. Services from the airport end at 11:38 p.m.

The journey from Bari Airport to Bari Centrale Station takes approximately 17 minutes. The train stops off at five stations during the journey. The stations include:

  • Fermata Aeroporto (Airport)
  • Fermata Europa
  • Stazione Fesca San Girolamo
  • Fermata Via Crispi
  • Fermata Via Brigata Bari
  • Fermata Via Quintino Sella
  • Stazione Centrale (Central Station)

The train skips one of the stops on the journey and oftentimes, it omits the Stazione Fesca San Girolamo stop along the way. However, depending on the day and time that you travel, the train could omit a different station.

If you plan to use the train from Bari Airport to Bari Centrale Station, it is important to note that the platform is a short walk away. You will need to add 10 minutes to your journey to complete the walk to the train station platform. You will find signs leading from the terminal to the train station platform. A series of tunnels will lead you to the platform.

Buying and using tickets

A train ticket from the airport to Bari Centrale Station or Bari Centrale Station to the airport costs €5.10 per person for a single journey. You can buy tickets from here. The price for a train ticket from Bari Airport to the central station is the same regardless if you purchase your tickets online or in-person at the station.

Train tickets are not time specific. Therefore, you can purchase a ticket and use it regardless if your plane is late getting into the airport. You must use the ticket on the date that is printed on it.

Italian train tickets must be validated before you get on the train. This is something different about Italian trains compared to other countries in Europe. Before boarding your train, simply get your train ticket stamped with the time prior to getting on the train. You can do this by inserting it into a ticket machine on the platform.

The validation machines are bright yellow and cannot be missed. Be sure to validate your ticket to prevent receiving a fine by the train’s personnel.

It is possible to continue your travel via train from Bari’s central station. You can connect to direct trains to other major cities throughout Italy. There are also direct trains to local towns near Bari. Bari’s central station is a part of the national railway network of Italy. You will be able to locate local train services, regional services, high-speed services, and intercity services. These are in conjunction with the services that take passengers from the airport to the central station.

Bari Airport Train FAQ

One of the most popular stations for travelers arriving at the airport is Bari Centrale FNB Station, which offers connections throughout the region and beyond. The total travel time should be about 15 minutes, but possibly more if you have to wait on the platform for a train.

You should not have to wait any more than 30 minutes before the next train departs, and often the next service might be 20 minutes or less before it leaves the station.

No, if you would like to take a train from the airport to Bari or any other destination, the trains operate starting at just before 5.30am each day and ending just after 11.30pm.

After the train has left the station and before it ends the journey at Bari Centrale FNB Station, it will make stops at the following stations: Fermata Europa, Stazione Fesca San Girolamo, Fermata Via Crispi, Fermata Via Brigata Bari and finally Fermata Via Quintino Sella. Check your train schedule however, because not all services will stop at each station on the way.

If you would like to get a train from the airport to Bari Centrale FNB Station then the cost if €5.20 per person, but it may be higher or lower if you’re going to other destinations.

There are ticket machines available in the Bari Airport train station where you can use cash or a major credit card to purchase your one-way ticket into the city. Just remember to get the ticket validated at the station before you attempt to get on board a train.

No, the ticket that you will purchase at the airport train station gives you the ability to use any train that is operating that day, rather than restricting to you to departing at a specific time.


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