Bari Airport Car Hire
Bari Airport Car Hire
Bari Airport Car Hire

Renting A Car from Bari Airport

Know Before You Fly

Passengers arriving at Bari Airport have an excellent transport option in car hire services.

There are several rent-a-car companies that have their booking desks in the arrivals area of the passenger terminal and these include Thrifty, Hertz, Lacauto, Auto Europa, Win Rent, Europcar and Maggiore. These companies have websites and so you can also book you car in advance well before your outward trip to Bari Airport and thus have the car waiting for you at the airport.

Car hire services are an excellent choice especially for people traveling in a group or a family. Accordingly, the information desks or the websites will help you choose the best vehicle that will address your travel needs. These vehicles come in all shapes including small cars, 4X4 jeeps, vans, convertibles, trucks, and so forth. They may also be equipped with handy accessories including GPS systems, luggage carriers, baby safety seats, etc.

Only persons over the age of 21 can obtain car hire services and they should have a valid driving license. Nonetheless, people between 21 and 25 are required to pay a young driver’s surcharge and may not be able to hire certain types of cars including convertibles, specialty cars and certain large vehicles. These companies also have vehicles with special features to assist the disabled. A visually-impaired person can still hire a car only if he or she has a designated driver who holds a valid car license.

Obtaining car hires for use within the Bari City streets is best left to drivers conversant with Italy’s narrow and confusing roads and which can regularly be congested with taxi drivers going about their business; it is definitely much easier to drive in the city’s outskirts. Drivers are advised to have their safety belts on all the time, observe speed limits, and not drink and drive whatever the case.

Bari Airport Car Rental Companies

AVIS Car Rental

Tel: +39 080 531 6168

Europcar Car Rental

Tel: +39 080 531 6144

Hertz Car Rental

Tel: +39 080 919 9213

Sixt bari airport

Sixt Car Rental

Tel: +39 02 9475 7979

GOLDCAR Car Rental

Tel: +39 06 4520 9634

Thrifty Car Rental

Tel: +39 080 919 9213

Enterprize Car Rental

Tel: +39 080 537 8995

Driving Around Bari

Driving a rental car around Bari can be a fantastic option for exploring this city located in southern Italy’s Puglia region. You will have complete independence in planning where you go and when you do it, and you won’t have to share the ride with strangers.

Bari Airport Car Rental

But there are some useful tips and other information that you should know if you’re planning to drive in and around Bari. Learning these details can help in preparing you for navigating the winding streets of this centuries-old city, and being able to make the most out of your vacation.

You should be able to get your rental car from one of the companies operating at Bari Airport, or there are companies that hire vehicles available in the city if you want to get it later. Most of the rental car providers have a broad range of vehicles of various sizes, models and costs.

The condition of the roads throughout Bari is generally good, so you don’t have to worry about potholes and other hazards. That makes it a suitable place for driving whether you have many years of experience with a vehicle or have only recently obtained your driver’s license.

One of the most important rules of the road that you must comply with is the speed limits. If you are driving within Bari or another urban location like a town then the fastest you can drive is 90 kilometers per hour. This increases to 110 kilometers per hour when you’re driving on roads outside of urban areas, and then if you’re on the highway the limit is 130 kilometers per hour.

Top tips for driving in Bari

  • Be prepared for the local residents to drive in a faster and more chaotic way than tourists, as they may not always follow the rules of the road. Do not be tempted to match their speed or breaking the regulations, and stick to what is legally allowed.
  • When trying to decide on which rental car you would like, it’s advised to pick a smaller vehicle if possible because these are easier to drive on Bari’s often tight roads. Avoid getting large vehicles like vans for your trip unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  • It’s important to remember that Italians drive on the right-hand side of the road throughout the city and beyond. If you’re approaching a roundabout then always give way to anyone on the right that is already in the traffic circle.
  • Look out for any signs designating roads in Bari as being within a Zona Traffico Limitato; this is an area where a congestion charge applies in an attempt to reduce traffic levels, which means you’ll face a fee for taking your vehicle into this zone.
  • Make sure you’ve got coins or credit cards in your car in case you end up driving on one of the toll roads outside of Bari. Use the white lane for paying self-service with coins, and use the blue lane if you would like to use a major credit card to pay the toll.

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Driving Around Bari FAQ

No, most drivers of all abilities should have few problems when driving in and around Bari. However, you should note that the streets within the city can be quite narrow and winding.

You can drive up to 130 kilometers per hour when you’re on the highway, but this drops down to 110 kilometers per hour if you’re driving on roads not located within urban areas, and then down further to 90 kilometers when you are driving in Bari and other urban locations.

Always look for colored lines by the side of the roads, because this designates where you can park and what conditions apply. If you see blue lines then this means that you must buy a ticket from a nearby machine to park in that spot, whereas if you see white lines then this means you can park for free, however check to see whether this has a strict time limit.

Everyone in Italy drives on the right-hand side of the road, and if you’re approaching a roundabout then you must always yield to anyone on the right who is already in it.

Yes, there are tolls on some of the highways, and within the city itself you might see signs for Zona Traffico Limitato, which means limited traffic zones where a congestion charge applies. If you want to drive within these zones then you’ll have to pay a fee for this.

Yes, the same rules apply here as anywhere else in Italy, which is that you cannot have more than a 0.05 percent blood alcohol level to legally drive. The only exception is if you are a professional driver or a novice who has had a driver’s license for under 3 years, in which case a unique limit of 0.00 percent blood alcohol level applies, which means no drinks at all.

You can typically self-serve at a petrol station and refuel the vehicle yourself, and it’s recommended to have notes for paying because credit cards might not always work. Some petrol stations will have attendants to refuel your car at an extra cost of €0.08 every liter.

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