Bari Airport Departures

Weeze (NRN) 752510:00 AM10:15 AM (E)Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS)HV 5820Transavia Holland09:40 AM09:40 AM (E)Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS)KL 2531KLM Royal Dutch Airlines09:40 AM09:40 AM (E)Scheduled
Amsterdam (AMS)DL 7489Delta Air Lines09:40 AM09:40 AM (E)Scheduled
Belgrade (BEG)JU 521Spurling Aviation09:35 AM09:45 AM (E)Scheduled
Belgrade (BEG)QR 5327Qatar Airways09:35 AM09:45 AM (E)Scheduled
Milano (MXP)U2 3524easyJet09:20 AM09:20 AM (E)Scheduled
Bergamo (BGY)FR 3654Ryanair09:20 AM09:35 AM (E)Scheduled
Torino (TRN)FR 6181Ryanair09:10 AM09:10 AM (E)Scheduled
Hahn (HHN)FR 5215Ryanair09:00 AM09:15 AM (E)Scheduled
Milan (LIN)KL 3501KLM Royal Dutch Airlines08:55 AM09:06 AM (E)Scheduled
Milan (LIN)AZ 1638Alitalia08:55 AM09:06 AM (E)Scheduled
Bologna (BLQ)FR 548Ryanair07:55 AM07:55 AM (E)Scheduled
Malta (MLA)FR 7107Ryanair07:50 AM07:50 AM (E)Scheduled
Dublin (DUB)FR 7359Ryanair06:50 AM07:05 AM (E)Scheduled
Milan (LIN)HG 1646Niki06:35 AM06:43 AM (E)Scheduled
Milan (LIN)KL 3500KLM Royal Dutch Airlines06:35 AM06:43 AM (E)Scheduled
Milan (LIN)AF 9763Air France06:35 AM06:43 AM (E)Scheduled
Rome (FCO)KL 3418KLM Royal Dutch Airlines06:30 AM06:30 AM (E)Scheduled
Rome (FCO)AZ 1602Alitalia06:30 AM06:30 AM (E)Scheduled
Rome (FCO)KU 6278Kuwait Airways06:30 AM06:30 AM (E)Scheduled
Rome (FCO)UX 3108Air Europa06:30 AM06:30 AM (E)Scheduled
Rome (FCO)TP 7235TAP Portugal06:30 AM06:30 AM (E)Scheduled
Rome (FCO)RO 9680Tarom06:30 AM06:30 AM (E)Scheduled
Rome (FCO)KQ 4322Kenya Airways06:30 AM06:30 AM (E)Scheduled
Rome (FCO)JU 7303Spurling Aviation06:30 AM06:30 AM (E)Scheduled
Rome (FCO)HU 8146Hainan Airlines06:30 AM06:30 AM (E)Scheduled
Rome (FCO)FB 1636Bulgaria Air06:30 AM06:30 AM (E)Scheduled
Rome (FCO)EY 2818Etihad Airways06:30 AM06:30 AM (E)Scheduled
Rome (FCO)DL 6615Delta Air Lines06:30 AM06:30 AM (E)Scheduled
Rome (FCO)CZ 7362China Southern Airlines06:30 AM06:30 AM (E)Scheduled
Rome (FCO)CI 9264China Airlines06:30 AM06:30 AM (E)Scheduled
Rome (FCO)AT 9165Royal Air Maroc06:30 AM06:30 AM (E)Scheduled
Rome (FCO)AF 9836Air France06:30 AM06:30 AM (E)Scheduled
Milano (MXP)FR 2771Ryanair06:10 AM06:10 AM (E)Scheduled
Rome (FCO)FR 5817Ryanair05:55 AM05:55 AM (E)Scheduled
Sofia (SOF)RR 5454Royal SkyJun 07 22:35 PMJun 07 23:15 PMEn Route
Bergamo (BGY)FR 4659RyanairJun 07 22:25 PMJun 07 23:03 PM (E)En Route
Bordeaux (BOD)FR 6479RyanairJun 07 22:20 PMJun 07 22:32 PMEn Route
Brescia (VBS)AG 755Air ContractorsJun 07 22:15 PMJun 07 22:37 PMEn Route
Milano (MXP)FR 6183RyanairJun 07 22:10 PMJun 07 22:39 PM (E)En Route
Milano (MXP)U2 3532easyJetJun 07 21:50 PMJun 07 21:58 PMEn Route
Marseille (MRS)FR 8153RyanairJun 07 21:45 PMJun 07 21:52 PMEn Route
Rome (FCO)FR 7076RyanairJun 07 21:40 PMJun 07 22:03 PMEn Route
Catania (CTA)FR 6191RyanairJun 07 21:25 PMJun 07 21:26 PMEn Route
Rome (FCO)AZ 1606AlitaliaJun 07 20:40 PMJun 07 21:16 PMEn Route
Rome (FCO)KM 2514Air MaltaJun 07 20:40 PMJun 07 21:16 PMEn Route
Rome (FCO)EY 2819Etihad AirwaysJun 07 20:40 PMJun 07 21:16 PMEn Route
Rome (FCO)ET 4019Ethiopian AirlinesJun 07 20:40 PMJun 07 21:16 PMEn Route
Warsaw (WAW)W6 1340Wizz AirJun 07 20:35 PMJun 07 21:01 PMEn Route
Istanbul (IST)TK 1466Turkish AirlinesJun 07 20:20 PMJun 07 20:43 PMEn Route
Vienna (VIE)LW 9483Lauda AirJun 07 20:15 PMJun 07 21:30 PM (E)En Route
(S) Scheduled, (E) Estimated
Departures information last updated on Jun, 8 2023 04:00 AM (local time)

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