Bari Airport Lounges

Information About Passenger Lounges At Bari Airport

If you’re getting ready to fly home after a vacation in the Italian city of Bari, you’ll likely be flying out of nearby Bari Airport. Although this is not a very large airport, it still has a number of typical services and facilities that passengers have come to expect, including lounges.

You might want to consider the use of the passenger lounge at Bari Airport before your flight, because it provides several benefits. You’ll find comfier furniture than in the general pre-flight gate seating areas in the terminal, there will be complementary food and drink available, as well as entertainment like newspapers and televisions, and other perks to help you relax.

Bari Airport has just one passenger lounge, known simply as the VIP Lounge, and it can be used by anyone who has a confirmed ticket departing on the day they want to use the lounge.

You’ll find the VIP Lounge situated after you have gone through security and have entered the general pre-flight waiting area in the terminal. There will be signs directing you to the lounge, or you can ask a member of airport staff to help you if you are having trouble finding it.

The typical opening hours of the lounge are from 5am to 10pm, and this should work for most travelers because the vast majority of flights from Bari Airport leave within those hours.

Note that there are no facilities within the lounge where you can get a bed or shower, so if you need to wash before your flight then do this at your hotel before heading to the airport.

  • Some of the specific benefits of buying a day pass to the Bari Airport VIP Lounge are:
    About 200 square meters of space in which to relax
  • Paintings to see by local artists from southern Italy’s Puglia region
  • Real-time and constantly updated flight details
  • Great food selections including local specialties
  • Your choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Free Wi-Fi to use throughout your time in the lounge
  • Disabled access for passengers with mobility issues
  • Magazines, newspapers and other material to read
  • Televisions with a wide range of channels

How to buy your pass for the lounge

You have several different options for how to purchase your entry to the Bari Airport VIP Lounge. The first, and cheapest, option is to buy the pass for €20 in advance in a designated time slot at least three hours before your flight is scheduled to depart.

Buying a day pass is fairly affordable because it costs just €25 per person, and you get to enjoy everything that the lounge has to offer for three full hours before your flight.

Alternatively, you could purchase a Priority Pass, which is a card that requires the payment of a fee, and in exchange you can show this card at the VIP Lounge and at passenger lounges at participating airports around the world for free or discounted entry.


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