Bari Airport Taxi
Bari Airport Taxi
Bari Airport Taxi

Bari Airport Taxi

Bari, which is a city of more than 315,000 people in southern Italy on the Adriatic Sea, is increasingly in demand as a destination for tourists who come to enjoy its first-class food and drink, fun activities, great entertainment, must-visit historic and religious sites, and wonderful weather. Many people who visit Bari will do so by flying into Bari Karol Wojtyła Airport, also known by its International Air Transport Authority code of BRI or simply just as Bari Airport.

The airport is located about 8 miles (or roughly 13 kilometers) from the center of Bari, and there are a few different transportation options available for making the journey. Your main choices for making the trip are taking a train, riding in a taxi, using a bus, or renting your own car.

A taxi provides you with complete privacy because the only people you’ll be in the car with are the driver and your travel companions, and your luggage will be safe in the trunk. The taxi will also pick you up at the airport and take you directly to wherever you are staying.

Thankfully, taxis operate at the airport 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which means that you should not have to wait long to get a ride regardless of what time your flight will land. Most travelers say that there are enough taxis to make booking a ride in advance unnecessary.

You can expect the ride from Bari Airport into the city center to take about 25 minutes, although it may be quicker when there is less traffic on the road, and longer at peak times like rush hour.

Taxis from Bari Airport are metered, which means that they charge by the time and distance of the journey, with longer rides costing more. The average price of a taxi into the city center is between €20 and €25, although if your final destination is further away the price will be higher.

Finding the official taxis at the airport is simple – once your flight has landed and you have cleared through passport control and collected your luggage, just look inside the airport for signs to the taxi pickup area. It’s located outside the arrivals part of the main airport terminal, and if you’re struggling to find the taxis you should ask an airport staff member for directions.

Taxis that are authorized to pickup at the airport will be painted either white or yellow, and they will have a taxi sign on the roof, as well as a car number and company name on the side. The official taxi companies that operate at Bari Airport are EuroTaxi, Taxi Apulia and Radiotaxi.

Most of the taxis that serve the airport will be four door cars that can sit four passengers and the driver. If you’re traveling in a larger group then you will have to ask whether there are any larger taxi vans available, otherwise you will have to split the group into taking more than one taxi.

Tips And Tricks To Avoid Scams With Bari Airport Taxis

Taking a taxi can be a quick and relatively affordable way to get from Bari Airport to the city center or other locations. Sadly, there are still some people who try to use various scams to cheat tourists out of money with airport taxis that it’s important for you to know about. Understanding these tricks will help you to avoid them and not have your vacation spoiled.

Artificially inflating the taxi fare

Taxis at Bari Airport use meters, which means they charge by the distance and time you travel instead of by a flat fee. The longer your journey, the higher your fare will be. Although the vast majority of airport drivers are honest, there are nevertheless a handful of drivers who will tamper with the meter in order to artificially inflate the fare far above what you should be paying.

There are some ways that you can tackle this issue, including knowing the average base fare for your journey before you get in the taxi – for example, the standard fare from the airport to the center of Bari is between €20 and €25. Keep an eye on the meter and watch for any sudden jumps in the price, and challenge any fare that is significantly higher than the typical rate.

Taking the long way to hike the fare

Some drivers might not tamper with the meter to increase the fare, but instead take you on an unnecessarily extended route to your final destination in order to increase the mileage and time taken. This will hike the overall fare and many travelers won’t know how to challenge this.

You can prevent this by looking up the quickest route before your vacation and then asking that the driver stick to those directions for your trip, immediately speaking out about any diversions. This should show the driver that you know where you’re going and not to try scamming you.

Unofficial drivers offering you discounts

You might get approached in Bari Airport by people who claim they’ll give you a much cheaper taxi ride than the drivers waiting outside. These are usually unlicensed drivers who will actually make you pay a much higher fee than you might get when using an official airport taxi.

The simplest way to avoid falling for this scam is to not engage with anyone who comes up to you in the airport offering a taxi ride, and only get a taxi at the officially designated area.

Telling you that tipping is mandatory

Another trick a driver might use is telling you that tipping them is required by law. This is a simple but far too common way for drivers to make a few extra Euros from their passengers. There is no such legal mandate for you to tip your driver, and you should not tip if you think you had poor service. But tipping is recommended if you had a quick, safe and honest driver.

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Bari Airport Taxi FAQ

Genuine taxis that are authorized to serve the airport will have a taxi sign on the roof, a company name and identification number on the side, and be painted white or yellow.

Generally, you can get a taxi at Bari Airport with minimal waiting 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, there is usually no need to book your taxi ride in advance.

The airport is located roughly 8 miles (or about 13 kilometers) from downtown Bari, and it takes 25 minutes on average to complete the journey. The ride will be longer at peak traffic times like rush hour, but it might be shorter during quiet times like the late evening.

Meters use day rates from 6am to 10pm and night rates from 10pm to 6am. The day rate is a starting fee of €3, a per kilometer cost of €0.80 and a €20 per hour waiting fee. The night rate is a starting fee of €5, a per kilometer cost of €0.80 and a €20 per hour waiting fee.

Taxis from the airport charge by meters based on the distance and time of a journey, so the exact cost will vary depending on the location of your hotel or other accommodation. But the average price for a taxi from the airport to the center of Bari is between €20 and €25.

No, tipping taxi drivers is not compulsory, and you should feel free to leave no tip if you believe that your ride was unsafe or overcharged. However, you should consider tipping some Euros if you received a safe, comfortable and fairly priced ride to your ultimate destination.

It depends on how the taxi company handles your group. If you are traveling with more than three other people, you could simply divide your fellow travelers into more than one conventional four door taxi that has space for four passengers. But larger taxi vehicles that sit more than four passengers include a 20 percent fare increase per passenger.


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